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Spreading Joy for Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week runs from the 13th to the 19th of February, with Thursday the 17th being Random Acts of Kindness Day. Aiming to spread positivity and joy to all those involved, the initiative encourages individuals and groups to practice acts of kindness and maintain kindness as part of their daily lives.

There are many ways to take part, ranging from paying a bill for the person in line behind you to complimenting someone or giving up your seat on a busy bus. However you choose to get involved, the main aim is to make kindness the norm.

Avery care homes got involved with the Random Acts of Kindness movement by participating in a Well-being and Kindness campaign throughout February.

Ahead of random acts of kindness day, the residents at Dukes Court in Wellingborough connected with members of their local community. Accompanied by Simon and Louise from the Well-being team, residents went out, and about to their local park, where they presented local dog walkers with gifts of cards, daffodils and dog treats.

Recipients included local dog walkers Lisa, Natalie, and her two youngest children, who happily accepted their gifts. Residents left everyone smiling with their acts of kindness, and they got to engage with members of their community throughout the day. This story is inspiring for us all and an excellent example of how acts of kindness can be extended to the local community.

The staff team and residents at Astbury Manor in Bracknell got together to discuss how they would define an act of kindness, with the outcome described as ‘incorporating friendliness, generosity and consideration of others’. Keeping these values in mind throughout Random Acts of Kindness Week and in the future will help ensure that kindness continues to be the norm.

Many of our residents have been dedicating their acts of kindness to Avery’s staff. Residents at Acer House in Weston-Super-Mare took the opportunity to present dedicated staff members with gifts of chocolate and flowers, and those at Adelaide in Bexleyheath happily presented staff with chocolates in recognition of all their hard work and care. Residents at Avery Park in Kettering enjoyed working together with staff to make kindness cookies in celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day.

It is also important to show appreciation and kindness towards those around you, and with this in mind, the residents at Acacia Lodge in Manchester wrote compliments for each other. These messages highlighted how much they enjoy spending time with one another, building special friendships full of laughter and smiles. It is often simple gestures such as these that can mean the most to those around us – acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, can go such a long way and create a lasting impact.

Unleashing their creative side, the Aire View in Leeds residents crafted paper hearts and luggage labels, adding kindness quotes beneath them. They gave the paper hearts to staff members before hiding the luggage labels around the home for people to find throughout the day. This act of kindness brought a smile to all those involved, with the crafts being a great way to relax and socialise with others.

Those at Droitwich Mews in Droitwich Spa didn’t delay getting their exciting plans underway, with residents choosing to extend their kindness and fulfil a monthly ‘community act of kindness’. Each month, residents will work with a group in their local community. In February, residents hosted a quiz evening for their local church group to kick off.

These community acts of kindness will allow the residents to build strong positive links, helping them give back to their local community. Residents have further plans underway, including creating a virtual choir in partnership with a local school and hosting a virtual book club with a local nursery group.

These stories are inspiring to us all, and continuing to engage in random acts of kindness such as these from day to day will help to ensure that kindness becomes the norm for everyone, everywhere.