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Some of the Avery homes work with local Primary Care Services to provide care for residents who are living with more complex dementia needs. Staff in these homes receive additional and more specialist training and are supported by the ReConnect Dementia Team within Avery.

For residents living with dementia, the world can change very quickly and they can become disconnected from much that was once recognisable and familiar. Dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing, but as our population ages, the number of people living with some form of dementia will continue to increase.

Most people living with dementia and in a care setting generally have another long-term condition, such as diabetes, arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. In most of these instances, staff in our residential homes can provide the right level of care for such residents, with support from the community nursing teams.

Some residents living with dementia that have multiple health conditions that require a higher or more concentrated level of nursing care, are cared for in our homes that provide Dementia Nursing services. These homes are staffed 24 hours a day by fully qualified and highly experienced nurses that have had additional specific training in dementia care.