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Nursing in Avery Healthcare supports older people with complex health needs that cannot be provided in someone’s own home or in a care home which does not have 24-hour Registered nurses on site. People who need this level of support need a combination of both social care, for example support, to eat, drink, wash and dress, and being able to maintain an active social life, as well as health support, such as support with complex dressings.  Care that is provided in a home providing nursing care is overseen by a registered nurse.

We provide qualified nursing care on site in a number of our homes countrywide, delivered in a person centred and compassionate way with high standards, and where our residents are supported to live as an independent a life as possible within a caring and supportive environment. Our registered nurses are present 24 hours a day, every day, and are supported by teams of highly trained staff such as our Advanced Senior Carers; together they provide the right quality of care you would expect for residents with healthcare needs.

We see our role in nursing care to prevent hospital admissions, support early discharges from hospital for recuperation in less-acute settings that are more homely and comfortable, and to support people’s health and well-being, where round-the-clock higher-level care is required to maintain those.



Our nursing services provide person-centred nursing care, managing longer term and enduring medical conditions, with reablement to return home where possible. These services include frequent and complex medical regimes that can only be attended to by a registered nurse, where constant assessment and monitoring is required, such as wound care, complex catheter care and or nutritional support through a PEG. All of our nursing services have access to the relevant resources, such as specialist equipment to aide moving around the home (for example, stand aids, hoists, profile beds, specialist chairs).

Moving into a care home is a big decision, and a service that provides nursing care is no different, other than that the level of support is more complex. We work with each resident and family to ensure that this transition is as smooth and easy as possible.

Each person has a personalised care plan, drawn up with the individual, and their family where they wish to be involved. This is kept under continual review to ensure that the nursing support is current and appropriate for that person. During this process, and through supporting the residents on a daily basis, our nurses get to know them well, by taking a holistic approach and assessing the physical, psychological and social requirements of the individual. By getting to know what each person likes, dislikes, are able to do for themselves and what they need support with, and in what they would like to do socially, the nurses are able to successfully support the resident to settle in to the home quickly.

We can then ensure that they enjoy a fulfilling life as independently as possible.

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