Resident Well-being...

We focus on what it is that gives each and every residents a sense of Well-being...

Our Well-being Model

Well-Being Brochure

At Avery, we place great value on supporting you to be proactive about managing your health and well-being. This helps you to get the most out of life, to enjoy your chosen lifestyle and maintain life skills that support your independence.

What is Well-being?,

Positive well-being means experiencing an overall feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life and is achieved through being able to do those things that bring you pleasure and contentment.

Enhancing Well-being

How we choose to spend our time will depend on our own individual interests and preferences and the lifestyle we wish to lead. However, it’s useful to know that our well-being levels can be enhanced by taking part in a balance of activities that help us to be physically active, mentally stimulated and socially connected.

Measuring Well-being

At Avery, we provide a free well-being assessment tool, which considers how 15 Well-being factors contribute and help you to maximise your quality of life. Please ask a Senior member of the care team for more details.

Active & Able – Physical Well-being

It is important to maintain balance, strength and co-ordination, improve posture and increase flexibility; a good nutritious diet is also essential. You may like to take part in exercise classes such as Keep-Fit, Music and Movement sessions or Tai Chi, play bowls or enjoy a game of table tennis. We can also help you connect with nature and experience the health benefits of the great outdoors, through gardening, nature walks or involvement in wildlife conservation. Our highly trained chefs are available to support you with delicious, nutritious, well-balanced and vitaminenriched dining, whilst not forgetting the treats in life such as a glass of wine or a home-made cake.

Be Inspired – Mental Well-being

A positive mindset helps you to build and maintain rewarding relationships with family and friends, whilst enabling you to feel confident and motivated to take part in the activities you enjoy. At Avery, you can engage in a favourite pastime or perhaps discover your hidden talents with something different, or learn a new skill to stimulate and challenge the mind. Alternatively, choose an activity that offers a sense of calm, rest and relaxation to balance mind and body.

Stay Connected – Social Well-being

Spending time with friends and loved ones helps keep you connected to your past and present, or you may like to meet new people, make new friends, discover shared interests and enjoy their company as well.

You can enjoy one of the daily social events or outings to somewhere new, join one of the many interest groups or get involved with the local community. You may have a skill or hobby such as photography or bird watching that you’d like to share with others.