Avery Life Stories

Bringing Our Residents' Stories to Life

The Power of Reminiscence

Life Stories is our commitment to explore in more detail the lives and memories of our residents. Reminiscence is an important part of our daily activities and so we have set about trying to capture, through interview, some of our residents stories.

We have quickly learnt that everyone has a story to tell and that both the storyteller and the audience have much to gain from the experience.

The past is not another country nor gone. It’s in our homes right now waiting to be heard. We’re giving it a voice.

Our Interview Archive

  • Racing Driver Milton Court Avery Archive

    Resident Interview – Malcolm Sears Gentleman & Driver

    The latest interview in our Avery Archive series is with Milton Court’s intrepid resident Malcolm Sears, who back in the 60’s and 70’s was a well respected amateur racing car driver who drove a much loved and infamous Sunbeam Tiger V8. Malcolm is famous for his part in one of the greatest racing films ever…

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  • Avery Archive Storytelling Evacuees-Wartime

    Resident Interview – An Evacuee’s Story

    Grace Hughes, a resident of Milton Court Care Home in Milton Keynes tells her story as an evacuee during the war. Grace tells her story with humour and an unflinching dose of reality. She retells her heartbreaking moment of departure into the unknown and the reception that awaited her in Somerset. Told as if were…

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  • Resident Interview – Tiger Moths & Dakotas

    Jim Simons lives at our Priory Court Care Home in Stamford and during the war was based at Portsmouth with the Fleet Air Arm. Jim saw active service in WW2 and flew Hurricanes, as well as instructing Allied heavy bomber flight crews and was also stationed out in Burma towards the end of the war.…

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