Gender Pay Gap Information

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

We are as an employer required by law to carry out the Gender Pay Reporting based on the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

At Avery Group we are an equal opportunities employer and we ensure all staff are paid equally regardless of gender.

We are pleased to report that our figures are significantly lower than the national average. Any pay gap difference shown is a result of differing roles and responsibility.


Avery Homes Cannock Ltd

296 employees – 34 males, 208 females

Mean Hourly Rate£10.71£9.937.2%
Median Hourly Rate£9.70£9.106.1%


Upper Quartile21.3%78.7%
Upper Middle Quartile8.3%91.7%
Lower Middle Quartile13.3%86.7%
Lower Quartile11.6%84.4%


Avery Homes Nelson Ltd

1550 employees – 242 males, 1308 females

Mean Hourly Rate£10.07£10.020.49%
Median Hourly Rate£8.96£8.960%


Upper Quartile18.6%81.4%
Upper Middle Quartile14.6%85.4%
Lower Middle Quartile10.8%89.2%
Lower Quartile18.4%81.6%

Matthew Proctor

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

Chief Financial Officer
Avery Healthcare Group