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Dementia Care

Most of our homes have a specialised service for people living with dementia. We call them our Connect Communities.

For those living with dementia, the Connect Programme is designed to focus on a person’s key strengths, helping residents live active and fulfilling lives. People experiencing dementia can have difficulty communicating, which in turn can lead to a sense of isolation. Our Connect Programme is there to help find ways in which they can re-engage with their families, friends and the community as a whole. It has been formulated by our dementia care specialists and is constantly informed by the most up-to-date research available.

In essence our approach is to gain an insight into our residents life stories through recollections of family members. This enables positive connections and purposeful moments through everyday interactions with both family and carers; through our organised reminiscence and sensory based activities, as well as through community involvement too. These histories are incorporated into the care plans of each individual and shared across all our carers.

Chosen for their caring and compassionate nature, staff in our Connect Communities are also selected on the basis of their enthusiasm and positive disposition, individuals who can brighten the dullest of days and make us all feel special. Our Dementia Nurses fully support care staff and regularly reviews new research to ensure we introduce the most innovative thinking into our homes for the benefit of our residents and their families.

We use clips from You Tube as well as local history resources and guest speakers to initiate discussions and moments of reflection and where it is safe to do so, we encourage residents from our Connect Communities to mix freely with residents from our other floors.

  • Innovative Connect Programme Helps Resident & Family
  • A Focus on what our residents can do rather than what they can’t.
  • Care Home Layout Designed to Aid Our Dementia Community
  • Fun Activities, Treatments and Therapies are Always Available
  • Early Dementia Treatment Communities
  • Friends and Family Welcome at any Time

We understand that every resident deserves care tailored to their individual needs and communication is at the heart of this. We invest in the relationships all our carers hold with our residents ensuring that privacy, independence and dignity are priorities.