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Leadership & Management in Dementia Care

We are pleased to announce that Avery is partnering with Leeds Beckett University in West Yorkshire, a leading body in the field of dementia research and education, to create a bespoke Leadership and Management Programme for our Home and Regional Managers.

The importance of practical, up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge for staff supporting residents with dementia can never be underestimated. Our ReConnect Dementia Care Strategy includes a bespoke five-stage learning pathway, created to make sure that all of our staff, regardless of their role or job title, can have access to the knowledge and skills that they require, to provide the best possible standards of dementia care to our residents.

Dementia Carers with resident

From basic dementia awareness when members of staff initially join our organisation, through to leadership learning for our managers, each level of the Avery dementia training pathway has been carefully designed using a variety of teaching and learning methods, to provide staff with increasing levels of evidence-based knowledge and skills in dementia care.

Although much of our dementia training pathway is delivered by experienced practitioners within our organisation, we recognised that to ensure that our home managers are equipped with the most contemporary knowledge in advanced dementia leadership, we needed to draw on further expertise.

The School of Health and Community Studies at Leeds Beckett University have a wealth of practitioner, educator and researcher experience and expertise, and are working closely with Jo Crossland, our Head of Dementia Care, to develop a customised part-time programme of learning for our managers.

The Leadership and Management in Dementia Care Programme will draw on the most contemporary evidence-based knowledge to ensure that all our materials are up-to-date and relevant to practice.

Dementia Carer with resident

The new programme will use what is known as a blended learning approach: a combination of face-to-face study days led by the University team, in-house workshops and individual support for managers from the dementia team. Work is underway to develop all the materials, and we look forward to welcoming our first cohort of learners in early 2020.

Article by Jo Crossland, Head of Dementia Care, for Welcome Home Issue 10.