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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Financial FAQs

What type of financial options are available when taking up residency?

There are a number of different options depending on your financial circumstances, care needs and personal requirements.

Can I pay for additional care?

You can request an increase in the level of care you receive at any time. Any such request will be subject to an assessment and will incur additional costs.

Are all rooms priced at the same rate?

Our rooms vary in price dependent upon size, layout and amenities/facilities.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. There are no introduction or service fees. The fees agreed as part of the Residency Agreement cover all costs excluding additional services.

Our Care Homes FAQs

What are the care home staff like?

As part of your admission you will receive an introduction to the staff team.

How many visitors may I have at any one time?

Visitors are welcome to the home at any time. *Local restrictions apply. Please visit our Covid-19 update page for further information.

What happens if I do not wish to have any visitors?

It is up to you when and if you wish to see your visitors. If there is anyone you do not wish to see, please inform the senior staff on duty.

If I have a car, is there car parking available at the home?

Yes. The home has a car park for you to use.

Is there visitor car parking?

Yes. There is visitor parking.

What security measures are in place in the evenings?

All doors accessible on a night via intercom/keypad. There will always be a senior member of staff on duty at the home both during the day and at night.

Is there a time in the evening that I have to return to the home by?

No, you may come and go as you please. However, if you are going to be exceptionally late and this is not your normal time of returning to the home we kindly request that you inform staff of the time of your approximate return.

Is there transport to the local towns and places of interest?

All homes have a minibus that offers outings to towns and places of interest.

Am I allowed to leave the home as I please?

Residents may come and go as they please.

If I have a maintenance issue in my room what should I do?

Please inform a member of staff at the home who will contact the maintenance team.

Will any parcels or post be delivered to my room?

It’s entirely your choice as to whether you collect your post from reception or have them delivered to your room.

Can I get daily papers delivered to me?

Yes. If you speak to a member of staff, they would be happy to arrange this for you. Please note that papers (other than those in communal areas) will be met by yourself.

Resident Rooms FAQs

Will toiletries be provided?

No. You will be required to supply your own. However if you require support to purchase your toiletries the staff will be happy to help.

Will towels and linen be provided?

Yes, these will be provided. However, you may bring your own towels and linen if preferred, although any items must be clearly labelled and fire retardant.

Is there a safe in my room?

No. However a lockable (drawer)/cabinet will be provided for any personal/valuable items to be stored.

Is there WIFI in my room?

Yes, there is no additional cost for the WIFI.

Who pays for the TV license?

The television license is managed by the home with no cost to you.

Can I have a fridge in my room?

Yes – although there you must evidence that it has been Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) before you bring it into the home. Please note the resident will be responsible for any maintenance or cleaning of the fridge.

Can I have a kettle in my room?

Yes – subject to a risk assessment being completed to ensure your safety is maintained whilst using it.

Can I choose where my room is located?

We endeavour to offer residents a choice of rooms where possible. This is dependent upon the number of rooms available at the time.

Can I change rooms if one becomes available?

Yes, as long as the room is available in the appropriate area of the home that can meet your needs. There may be additional charges applied.

Can I use a mobility scooter within the home?

The use of mobility scooters will be assessed at the pre-admission assessment and a decision will be reached at that time on the suitability for the home to accept a scooter.

Your Care FAQs

What bathing facilities are there?

There are wet rooms with showers and bathrooms with assisted baths. If you require to sit when showering we will provide a shower chair for your comfort.

Who is my local GP?

If you live within the area you may be able to remain with your current GP; if this isn’t possible, we will offer you an alternative GP.

Can I contact my GP without speaking to any staff?

Yes of course, however we request that you advise us as we have a duty to keep your care plan/records up to date.

Can I view my Care Plan at any time?

Yes of course. We work closely with you throughout your stay to ensure your Care Plan is as accurate as possible.

What will happen if I lose capacity whilst at the home?

There are various levels of capacity which we would ascertain from assessing you. We would ensure that you are continually supported in every way to make your own choices and that your wishes are met.

Are relationships with other residents encouraged?

This is up to each individual resident. We appreciate that some residents prefer their own company and so we respect their wishes. If residents lack confidence then we would help them engage with like-minded residents.

Can I request gender specific carers for my personal care needs?

Yes of course. Any such request will be logged in you care plan which all staff will adhere to.

Resident Engagement FAQs

Are there resident meetings?

Yes, there are regular resident meetings where you will be encouraged to contribute in the planning and organising of day to day operations of the home.

Do I need to sign up for events and activities?

No, we will discuss your interest and hobbies with you prior to and upon admission into the home. From there a tailor-made plan will be drawn up incorporating all of your preferences, which can be reviewed as required.

Is there a nail and hair salon?

Yes. Please speak to any member of staff about opening times and treatment price lists.

Will there be any events or talks from local people?

Yes. We encourage residents maintaining their ties with the local community, as such we encourage talks and exhibitions from local clubs and societies.

Housekeeping FAQs

How often is my room cleaned and the bed sheets changed?

Residents rooms are cleaned daily, with a deep cleaned completed every month. Bed sheets will be changed in accordance with the residents wishes.

How often will the windows be cleaned in my room?

Windows will be cleaned inside and out monthly.

Catering FAQs

Are vegan, vegetarian and other dietary requirements considered for residents?

Yes. Your dietary requirements will be discussed before admission into the home. Any and all dietary requirements will be accommodated by the culinary team throughout your stay.

Do the meals contain nutritional value?

Yes, all our food is home made and the calorific value and assessed by a qualified dietician. We also work closely with the wider community to support all dietary requirements.

Can I have food and drink delivered to my room?

Yes of course, we do encourage residents to dine in the restaurant so they can enjoy the experience and use the occasion as a social event.

Am I allowed alcohol and is there any additional cost?

Yes of course, wine is served with meals in most homes and you can also purchase your own alcohol for your own consumption.

Are residents allowed to help cook food?

Yes of course; we do baking and cooking sessions as part of every day life skills for those residents who wish to take part.