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Care Homes for Couples

For couples who have shared a lifetime of experiences, the thought of being separated in their later years can be unimaginable. At Avery, we understand the importance of maintaining these connections for couples who’ve cherished a lifetime of moments together.

It’s for this reason that we offer a variety of care choices where couples can continue their journey together, receiving the care and support they need while creating new memories side by side.

Discover the options we have available for couples who wish to explore shared care solutions together.

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Tailored Assistance for Couples in Care

Couples embark on their journey into a care home for a range of reasons, and Avery is committed to offering personalised care packages to suit their unique situations. Whether it’s respite, nursing, dementia, or general residential care, our homes are equipped to provide the required support.

Our impressive portfolio includes a plethora of options for residential care homes for couples, offering spacious bedrooms and specialised features which enhance the quality of life. Our care homes can support older couples with:

  • Personal care such as toileting, bathing and dressing
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Administering medication
  • Providing Meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Companionship


A Journey of Love and Care: Eric and Jeannie's 58-Year Marriage

Eric and Jeannie, a couple celebrating 58 years of marriage, epitomise enduring love and the strength of family bonds. Their love story began in Blackpool during a trip with friends. Initially hesitant to join, Eric was persuaded by the promise of meeting a single lady, who turned out to be Jeannie. Their connection, sealed with a movie date, marked the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Over the years, Eric and Jeannie built a beautiful family, raising three children: Haley, Marc, and Heather, and today, they revel in the joy brought by their nine grandchildren. When asked about the secret to their enduring marriage, said, “being there for each other through the good and bad times.”

Their care journey led them to Aire View Care Home. Eric’s decision to join was influenced by the exceptional care Jeannie was receiving. Daughter Haley suggested they both move there to be closer to family, especially as Eric, who lived nine miles away and faced health issues, had given up driving. Being together in the care facility brings them immense comfort, allowing shared meals, entertainment, activities, and tending to their cherished garden.

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Jeannie’s journey to Aire View began due to dementia, while Eric joined after battling pneumonia and feeling unable to cope alone. Their decision to move together has been pivotal in ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Their life stories are equally captivating. Jeannie dedicated 19 years to teaching disabled children, reflecting her deep compassion. Eric’s 27-year career in engineering was, followed by 15 years as a school caretaker. Together, they built a treasure trove of memories in West Ardsley before transitioning to Aire View.

Their shared love for travel took them through picturesque Yorkshire, where they relished stopping at charming places for refreshments. Eric’s favourite memory involves taking his grandchildren to Patley Bridge – they’ would play in the park while he enjoyed a game of Boules with friends, followed by a visit to the oldest sweet shop—an unforgettable treat for all.

Eric and Jeannie’s journey shows how enduring love can conquer life’s challenges and create a legacy of memories.

Types of Elderly Care for Couples

Moving into a care home is a significant change, and Avery can support every step of the way.

There are a variety of care packages for couples, whether one or both parties require care services. Now, more than ever, couples are making the decision to move into a care home together, even if their care needs are different, as they don’t wish to be separated, having spent so many years together.

The services each care home provides varies from home to home. Care services include:

Dementia Care iconDementia Care
Respite Care iconRespite Care
Residential Care iconResidential Care
Nursing Care iconNursing Care

By choosing to move into a care home with a loved one, the transition can be approached hand in hand. This, combined with Avery’s dedicated care and support, means couples can enjoy golden years together, with expert care services available round the clock.

It’s important to assess the needs and requirements of the individual or couple prior to visiting care homes to ensure the home provides appropriate care services. For example, specialist dementia care, 24-hour nursing care, or respite care.

Find a Care Home Near You

Interested in exploring options for elderly care for couples and want to find care homes in your area that offer the facility? Get in touch to speak with one of our friendly advisors and learn more.

Funding Residential Care Homes for Couples

If you are just beginning your research into elderly care for couples, one of the first questions you’re likely to consider is how is the move into care going to be funded?

If you own a property together, you are likely to be self-funding the move into residential care, which should allow for a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing a care home.

If only one person requires care services, there may be additional charges for the other person choosing to move into the care home. More information on funding can be found on our ‘Care Home Funding’  page.

Interested in exploring options for elderly care for couples and want to find care homes in your area that offer the facility? Find a care home here and get in touch to speak with one of our friendly advisors and learn more.

Jak and Gerry's Journey from BEA to Cliveden Manor

Jak and Gerry met in 1965 when they both worked for BEA, Jak as a pilot and Gerry as a stewardess—one night, they were grounded in Switzerland, and had to sleep on the plane. They sat next to each other and made plans to meet again. They married in spring 1967 and had two children, Richard, now a surgeon, and Nicola, a special needs teacher.

Jak ended up as a Boeing Jumbo Jet 747 captain. Before his retirement in 1996, he was one of the most experienced Captains in British Airways and trained new pilots. They both fondly remember their time in BEA and British Airways and had amazing experiences. They met many celebrities when they were flying, including The Rolling Stones, and when the BEA planes flew the Beatles, they painted the plane’s tail livery to spell BEATLES!

BA pilots retire at 55, so retirement started nice and early.  Gerry and Jak spent most of their long and happy retirement in Stratford Upon Avon, enjoying a busy social life, golfing, playing Bridge and hosting fabulous dinner and drinks parties. They continued travelling around the world and enjoyed cruising around Europe in their later years. However, their favourite thing is seeing their children and four grandchildren. Jak and Gerry loved all the school concerts and sporting events the grandchildren were involved in.

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Jak and Gerry lived many happy years at their house in Stratford, but in the last few years, things became more challenging to manage, and when they both stopped driving, they needed more help from the family. Their children regularly, but the situation became more difficult for everyone. Carers began to visit, but this didn’t suit Jak and Jerry’s need for independence. Eventually, after Jak hurt his back, they sought respite care. The first place they tried, Jak and Gerry had no access to one another. They both found this very challenging. Luckily, their daughter Nicky had visited Cliveden Manor and remembered it as a welcoming and happy place, so they enquired about Jak and Gerry having some respite together.

Jak and Gerry moved into an apartment together and began to relax and interact with other residents. It was clear how hard caring for themselves for so long had become, and they enjoyed being looked after and spoiled by the staff whilst still keeping their independence. Most of all, they were happy to be together.

After less than a month, Jak asked if he and Gerry could stay at Cliveden as they felt happy and safe and didn’t want to return home. This was a lovely day for their children, who were very happy with how much more looked after and safe they were at Cliveden Manor Care Home and could see the positive effect it had on them both physically and mentally.

Jak and Gerry are lucky to have had a long, happy marriage and an exciting life together.  It is clear to anyone who sees Jak and Gerry at Cliveden that they are still very much in love and devoted to each other, always holding hands, kissing, and cuddling. Their one wish was that they could stay together, and Cliveden Manor has allowed them to be together and retain their independence. Jak, Gerry, and the family are secure knowing that, as their needs change, Cliveden Manor can adapt the levels of care needed to meet their individual needs whilst supporting them as a couple.

Care Homes for Married Couples, Siblings, or Companions

We understand at Avery that everyone’s circumstances are different and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to care. If you are seeking high-quality care solutions for yourself and your partner, or perhaps you and an elderly sibling want to remain living together, we have options available.

Many of our care homes offer two-bedroom options, meaning you can share a space with a sibling, companion, or your husband or wife. We recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your circumstances and our friendly team of advisors will be able to talk to you about the best options available.

Find a Care Home Near You

Interested in exploring options for elderly care for couples and want to find care homes in your area that offer the facility? Get in touch to speak with one of our friendly advisors and learn more.