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Spotlight Week – Cutlery-free Meal Examples

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to finger foods. Avery Cutlery-Free Dining Workshops ensure that all our chefs receive the skills and knowledge they require to embed the Cutlery-Free Programme into their home confidently. By simply adapting meals, chefs can ensure quality options are offered with the same ingredients as the main meal and the same nutritional values.

The following recipes are a small selection of the dishes and snacks on offer to residents in Avery homes:

A roast dinner can be adapted in many ways by adjusting how vegetables and potatoes are cut and cooked. Small Yorkshire puddings can be filled with creamed potatoes, with gravy either spooned over each item or a small dipping pot provided for gravy can be added to each mouthful.

Curry can also be adapted, as most traditional curries are eaten with chapatis or naan bread and do not include cutlery. Still, with a little thought, our fantastic chefs can deconstruct a dish to make it cutlery-free and normal.

Soups are a great source of fibre and calories, and once again by providing an assortment of fresh bread full of flavour and ingredients, they can also be cutlery-free cuisine. If you add tomato, cheese, or bacon to the fresh bread, it adds layers of flavour when dipping in the soup and additional calories if needed.

Desserts are often a treat but can be challenging to present as cutlery-free. We have found making small bite-size portions, in effect mini versions of dessert, work better. Once again, sauces, cream, and ice cream can be served in a dipping pot, or with assistance this can be spooned over each piece, finger, or an individual portion, to add sauce to each bite or mouthful.

For more, click the video below to hear our experts discuss the ways you can make some of your favourite traditional dishes, cutlery-free…

Please note: This initiative is not a replacement to current daily seasonal menus but a possible alternative with the same nutritional value should a resident struggle at mealtimes.