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Company News, Milton Court, Memory Lane, Buckinghamshire

Resident Interview – Malcolm Sears Gentleman & Driver

The latest interview in our Avery Archive series is with Milton Court’s intrepid resident Malcolm Sears, who back in the 60’s and 70’s was a well respected amateur racing car driver who drove a much loved and infamous Sunbeam Tiger V8. Malcolm is famous for his part in one of the greatest racing films ever made, Le Mans, a film by the legendary Steve McQueen. He tells the story of his involvement and how he became involved and acted out some of the most dangerous racing car stunts and crashes of all time.

Here is quote about Malcolm from fellow racing driver David Brodie, a contemporary of Malcolm’s:

“I was about to get strapped in to my RS500 at Thruxton. I looked around and saw Malcolm looking at me with the most beautiful warm smile, saying ‘Hello, Brode’. I gave him a hug and told him to wait there for me. I did the race and afterwards there was Malcolm standing where I had left him, saying ‘Brode, you haven’t lost your touch, have you?

We had a chat about old times, and his Tiger of course, and later I met him a few times in London, but lost touch with him again. So I am very happy that you have found him. What a lovely guy Malcolm was, and I am glad to say still is. Thanks Doug and Motor Sport for remembering Malcolm Sears, a forgotten hero.”

Malcolm loved his racing not to mention his V8 Sunbeam Tiger and let’s not forget that racing in this era was a lethal pastime, with drivers regularly putting their lives on the line for a sport which they loved. And didn’t they just give us all a thrill!

Malcolm Sears Milton Court