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Update on E-Care Planning

At Avery, we have a real focus on person-centred care which places residents at the centre of everything we do. In the 2018 Spring edition of Welcome Home we discussed the benefits of using E-Care Plans and a pilot across six homes. Following the success of that pilot and positive feedback from those homes we will be implementing Fusion E-Planning across all of our services. The system has proved to be easy to use, easy to transfer current care plans to the electronic format, easy to access, and daily note recording has become more robust and person-centred.

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Just some of the feedback from the pilot homes included:

“It is much easier and quicker to have multiple staff access and amend any care plan at the same time; the system is much more effective and far more time saving than previous paper care plans. Archiving, transfer and updating of care plans is quicker too. Adjustments that need to be made are able to be done instantly and this can be far more accurate and reflective. The system of red, amber and green alerts for the assessments and care plans is a great visual aid to highlighting any that may be becoming overdue or out of date. This at-a-glance overview is a better prompt for senior staff to recognise what needs attention. The front page is very good at providing a lot of resident detail and the whole system is user friendly once staff have received their training. Entries are far easier to look at, eliminating handwritten records that cannot be read”.

– Jan Davenport, Deputy Manager, Spencer House Care Home.

“The team have really embraced it; the training was really clear and informative and everyone felt confident to begin using the system. The electronic system ensures that our records are stored confidentially meaning no concerns regarding data protection. We can’t wait to expand using it throughout the home.”

– Jennie Manion, Home Manager, Horse Fair Care Home.

A great big ‘Thank You’ to the six homes that took part in the pilot, and the robust and helpful feedback which has allowed us to refine the system further. This has truly enabled the Avery homes to take Electronic Care Planning forwards in a person-centred way for 2019.

Article by Julie Spencer, Assistant Director of Care & Quality, for Welcome Home Issue 8.