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Superhero Day Soars Across Avery Group

The skies were ablaze with excitement on Friday 26th of April as Superhero Day took flight across all Avery Group homes, igniting a sense of camaraderie and joy among staff and residents alike.

With capes fluttering and masks in place, our teams embraced the spirit of heroism as we launched our new values with enthusiasm and flair.

For the entire day, every corner of our homes buzzed with energy as superheroes of all ages joined forces to celebrate compassion, teamwork, and excellence. From themed decorations to creative costumes, the dedication and creativity displayed by our teams were truly awe-inspiring.

Staff and residents alike immersed themselves in a range of activities, from heroic crafts to supercharged games, each designed to foster connection and laughter. The day was a testament to the unwavering dedication of our teams, who went above and beyond to ensure that every moment was filled with joy and excitement! Not only did it serve as a thrilling launchpad for our new values, but it also reinforced the sense of community and togetherness that defines the Avery Group.

In recognition of the outstanding efforts put forth by our teams, five winners for the best-themed party have been selected to receive a £100 Just Eat voucher. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who helped make Superhero Day a resounding success. Your dedication and passion truly embody the spirit of Avery Group, and together, we will continue to soar to new heights.

Winners: Elton House, Guildford House, Eastbourne Gardens, Avalon Court and Grove Park.