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Furry Fun: National Pet Day Celebrated Across Avery

Avery embraced the spirit of National Pet Day with heartwarming and unique celebrations that brought our community closer.

At Pemberley House, residents and staff revelled in the joy of furry friends, enjoying belly rubs and homemade “Paw Cakes” together.

Birchmere House visited A Slice of Purrfection kitty cafe, sparking discussions of feline heists among residents and creating a sense of shared excitement.

Ashurst Mews delighted in a Doggy Brunch, where residents created pet-themed art, fostering creativity and camaraderie.

Edenbridge Manor hosted a lively dog show showcasing tricks and homemade treats, a testament to our love for animals.

Derby Heights explored Melbourne Animal Farm, learning about furry companions, and fostering a sense of curiosity and learning.

Elvy Court shopped for pet snacks and created gift bags, while Cliveden Manor welcomed dogs and even a pony called Crystal, captivating residents’ hearts. Through these celebrations, the power of animals’ shines, sparking conversations and evoking cherished memories of loved ones among residents and staff alike.