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Bird is the Word

The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is a collaborative survey that urges individuals nationwide to step outside or stay within the comfort of their homes, armed with a pair of binoculars, and observe the magnificent birds gracefully soaring through the skies.

In 2023, an impressive half a million people enthusiastically participated in this event. Astonishingly, these participants collectively tallied a remarkable count of 9.1 million birds.

Did you know?

The top five birds spotted in 2023 were:

  1. House Sparrow (1,401,338)
  2. Blue Tit (904,637)
  3. Starling (904,079)
  4. Woodpigeon (750,251)
  5. Blackbird (716,734)

However, it is disheartening to acknowledge that our skies have witnessed a distressing decline of 38 million birds due to the numerous challenges posed by climate change and deforestation. In light of this alarming fact, it is now more crucial than ever to engage in birdwatching and capture the captivating beauty of our feathered companions.

Birdwatching is a highly favoured pastime among older adults, providing them with a variety of sensory stimulation and memory exercises. By observing minute visual details, recognising patterns in animal behaviour, and attentively listening to bird songs, this activity effectively engages the cognitive faculties. These memory-related tasks not only enhance reflex skills and mental alertness in older adults but can also prove beneficial for individuals with dementia. Moreover, birdwatching serves as a valuable reminiscence activity for those living with dementia, as the sight of specific species and the melodies of bird songs evoke cherished memories.

A flock of Avery’s homes joined in on the celebrations of National Bird Day on January 5th to support raising awareness about the value of birds in our ecosystem. Hundreds of residents took to their gardens, armed with binoculars, for a spot of enjoyable birdwatching to discover which species they could find. And, of course, the quintessential British Wood Pigeon came out as number one!

Bird expert Simon, a resident at Knowle Gate Care Home in Solihull, delivered an insightful seminar on everything about birds for the rest of his community. His broad knowledge has earned him the newly proclaimed name of ‘David Attenborough’. It has got everyone thinking about the critical impacts the environment has endured, which has resulted in huge effects on how our birds live and what we can do to support their existence. The community have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the topic and has got everyone on a ‘constant’ birdwatch, excited to see what they can find throughout the year.

Getting creative, residents of Birchmere Mews Care Home in Knowle created a beautiful memorial devoted to the winged animals, which is now proudly displayed in the home for guests to observe on their visits. Albion Court Care Home in Birmingham also got involved by trying their hands at building some amazing birdhouses for their garden, which has proven to become a popular feeding destination, attracting a variety of species to their home.