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A Season of Cheer

‘Twas the most wonderful season of the year. A time brimming with mirth and merriment. And a period for cherishing precious moments with loved ones, forging everlasting memories. The yuletide spirit permeated our communities, with traditional festive games, gift exchanges, and, of course, the indulgence of countless mince pies. But our festive adventures did not end there.

On the mischievous Elf Day, celebrated on 6th December, our playful elves caused quite a stir. Staff members transformed into Santa’s Little Helpers for the day, assisting residents with their Christmas shopping. Kelly, Becky, and Tracy from Rowan Court dedicated their day off to scouring local shops, armed with a handwritten list of presents from their residents. Meanwhile, the residents of Alma Court were fortunate enough to enjoy a delightful lunch with their little friends from Gorsemoor Primary School, adding to the festivities.

Christmas Jumper Day made a triumphant return this year, with many of our homes enthusiastically participating. We witnessed a delightful array of both lovely and, shall we say, questionable designs, all in support of fundraising for the Save The Children charity. Our collective efforts this year contributed to the staggering overall £5 million raised.

In the Avery Christmas Display Competition, Ashurst Mews emerged as the victors. Their magical masterpiece showcased a dollhouse representing the very building itself, complete with life-sized carol singing dolls. However, all the entries were equally marvellous, and the Well-being Team extends their heartfelt gratitude to all participants.