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A Bee-autiful Day

Monday 20th May was World Bee Day, celebrating the vital role of pollinators and the challenges they face. This day highlights their importance in sustainable development and global food security. By raising awareness and taking action, we can help protect bees, combat hunger, and ensure a healthier, more sustainable future. On this day, many of our homes found a way to participate and raise awareness.

Residents in Elstree View in Elstree and Alma Court in Cannock indulged in irresistible honey from their local bees, while Hawthorns Aldridge delighted everyone with scrumptious honey cakes! The Solihull Bee Keepers Association visited Birchmere House, giving residents the chance to get up close and friendly with stunning buzzing bees. Meanwhile, Wimbledon Common residents ventured to their local beehive, witnessing the fascinating process of honey-making firsthand. These sweet encounters not only provided delicious treats but also offered a unique glimpse into the world of bees, highlighting the importance of these incredible pollinators in our lives.