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Company News, Hempstalls Hall

Vintage Tea Party: Joyful Celebration!

In April 2021, Hempstalls Halls introduced a pod for safe visits during the pandemic. Three years later, it blossomed into the charming “Hempstalls Hall Vintage Tea Room.”  

Adorned with old-fashioned cups, floral chairs, and delightful arrangements by kitchen staff, it offers a nostalgic retreat for residents and visitors. The Mayor-elect of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Barry Panter, and Lady Mayoress Beatrice inaugurated it on a sunny May day, amid Prosecco and wartime songs by The Bluebirds.  

Residents and guests enjoyed the festivities and tours of the home. Impressed by the joyous atmosphere, the Mayor remarked, “Everybody looks so happy!” The Vintage Tea Room not only adds elegance to Hempstalls Halls but also fosters cherished moments of connection for all who visit.