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QJ-Cake Comp
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The Great Platinum Jubilee Cake Competition

And the Winner Is…  

Residents and staff joined together to prepare entries for Avery’s Great Platinum Jubilee Cake Competition in true British spirit in recent weeks. Zahid Khan, Head of Well-being and Activity, said: ‘’It has been wonderful to see the level of engagement and the huge amount of fun everyone has had whilst participating in the competition’’.  

There were some fantastic entries, and it was by no means an easy decision for the Group Support Centre Panel to choose the overall winners.


After much deliberation, Edenbridge Manor secured the first prize,

Edenbridge Manor cake winners


with Spencer House a close second,

QJ- Spencer House


followed by Clare Court in third place.  

QJ- Cake Comp

Judith, Carer at Edenbridge, became head of the ‘Cake Committee’, holding a meeting with residents to share and discuss design ideas. They all researched, learning that the Queen’s favourite cake is chocolate, which is regularly included in her afternoon tea menu. The team’s cake had several layers, including chocolate and Victoria sponge, and residents Audrey, Joan and Jean spent hours creating the decorations, with edible diamonds on the crown. The finishing touches were added, and they proudly presented their cake to their fellow residents and staff at the home. 

Staff and residents at Edenbridge were delighted to hear that they won the competition, saying: ‘’The creation was a team effort and so was the eating of it! We were so pleased to hear we have won, and we have had celebrations all around – this is a wonderful team achievement’’. 

Over at Spencer House, residents discussed potential colours and flavours before deciding on a lemon flavoured sponge. Residents Rosemary and Eileen said: ‘’Sometimes we enjoy cupcakes and sometimes a good slice of cake is tastier’’, which inspired their final design. Once they started, their keen bakers and decorators were not stopping, with guidance from Housekeeper Jacky, a fantastic baker in her spare time, who gave the residents a mini masterclass as they went along.  

Residents at Clare Court enjoy spending time in the garden, and the theme for their Jubilee Cake was ‘Garden Party’. Many of the beautiful flowers in the gardens at Clare Court have been planted by residents’ family members, with the residents themselves keen gardeners too. They all helped place flowers onto the cake with three layers: blueberry cheesecake, vanilla sponge with strawberry jam, and chocolate. Their final showstopper looked fabulous, with cupcakes also decorated by the residents to go alongside.  

The entries wowed Deputy Chief Operating Officer Lisa Soper: ‘’The cakes are all amazing, and the backstories behind them are incredible; we were so moved by these. You are all winners in our eyes’’.

Watch the video below to view all of the amazing showstopping cakes: