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Company News, Crispin Court, Stafford

The D-Day Story That Never Made The Headlines…

Respite resident Leslie Dobinson at Crispin Court Care Home is the last surviving British veteran of the D-Day operation in respect of the landing on Omaha Beach.

After receiving presidential invitations to attend the 60th and 65th D-Day Anniversary ceremonies, in 2004 and 2009 respectively, at the Normandy American Cemetery, Les discovered that no one from military or political circles, neither British nor American, was aware of the service that the 84 RAF had rendered there on D-Day, nor that some of his comrades lost their lives and many more were gravely wounded. This was a situation that Les vowed to remedy. Thus, as possibly the last British veteran of this operation, it was left to him to see that the vital role that the mobile radar and signals units of the RAF played in the air defence of the Omaha beachhead, and thence throughout the battle of Normandy, through Belgium and Holland, into Germany, received proper recognition.

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