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Company News, Grove Park, Leeds

Ten Years of Grove Park

On 6th September, Grove Park Care Home in Leeds celebrated the tenth year since welcoming their inaugural community member in 2013. The sun beamed down on this momentous occasion, providing the perfect backdrop for a jubilant celebration, a sizzling barbecue!

Residents, staff, and esteemed guests congregated in the garden, toasting the day with libations from the latest garden addition: an outdoor bar. Amidst an air of joy and camaraderie, they indulged in nostalgic conversations, recounting the cherished memories of the past decade. Tales of both sorrow and joy filled the air as the Grove Park family exchanged anecdotes. Adorning the walls of the home, a magnificent display showcased photographs capturing the residents’ activities and treasured moments throughout the years. These images evoked tears of sentimentality as they reflected upon the extraordinary times they had experienced within the walls of their beloved home.

Lisa Turnbull, the Home Manager, expressed her gratitude, stating, “In honour of Grove Park Care Home’s tenth anniversary, we took a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation to our remarkable team. This occasion allowed us to reflect, evaluate, and acknowledge their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care, which forms the bedrock of the extraordinary community that is Grove Park.”

Grove Park 10th Anniversary Celebrations