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Company News, Elvy Court, Sittingbourne, Kent

Social Media Successes in our Local Community

Our care homes pride themselves on being open to the public and very much part of the local community. You can see this clearly on their Facebook pages. We think it’s important to connect with communities face-to-face as well as online, so everyone can join in with the conversation. 

A critical part of everybody’s well-being is to feel useful and connected to those around them, so we make sure new residents become active participants in their local communities and able to give something back.

Our longstanding community partnerships represent many aspects of life, from mother and baby groups, to school children and young adults helping out as volunteers. Whether a local church, school, nursery, charity or interest group, that relationship is identified and nurtured through social media, with Facebook and YouTube presenting our homes as the accessible and energetic places they are.

These social channels show the relationship and promote it amongst our own followers as well as the local community. In Sittingbourne, Elvy Court Care Home visited a local poppy art installation, and by promoting their post on Facebook, it gave the project a helpful boost to the thanks of its organisers. This connects communities together both offline and online, letting everyone see what their friends and families are doing.

Our Top Tip:

Our top tip is to remember to tag local businesses, places or charities in your Facebook posts. When you tag a Facebook page’s handle in your post, they will receive a notification and may respond, which can start a conversation. The next time you’re at an Avery home, be sure to tag them and @AveryHealthcare in your Facebook post!

Article by Angus Matthew, Senior Marketing Manager, for Welcome Home Issue 8.