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Royal British Legion Cook Book
Company News, Merlin Court, Marlborough

RBL Cookbook Winner: Growing Up in The Far East

In honour of The Royal British Legion’s centenary this year, and in line with the release of their veteran cookbook – ‘Cooking with Heroes: The Royal British Legion Centenary Cookbook’, Avery held a competition whereby residents were invited to share their favourite childhood food memories. Resident Gilly at Merlin Court Care Home, in Marlborough, was a recipient of one of the prized cookbooks, and here is her story:

When asked about her favourite dessert, Gilly confirmed that it had to be mangoes and lychee. This spurred her to share with fellow residents and staff at the home an anecdote from her childhood whilst living in The Far East.

She said, “One of my earliest memories is the taste of mangoes and lychee – the most refreshing and delicious fruits. The mangoes tasted different here in the UK, of course, never as good as they did in India.” One day, Gilly went for a picnic with her parents, sister and her father’s friend to a reservoir in India. Walking along the water after their picnic, they venture to a narrow part of the bank when to their shock, three crocodiles appeared on the surface of the water, just a little further down from them. She said, “We could just about see the bumps of their backs poking out of the water.” Gilly’s father and his friend panicked and immediately ran, leaving Gilly, her mother and sister to retreat back through the jungle. “I remember there were vines that would hook onto our hair and clothing, but my mother was brilliant. She kept us going until we were back to safety.” Of course, she had a few cross words to share with Gilly’s father and his friend. “My mother was an incredible woman.”resident

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