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Medal of Honour

We are proud to celebrate and mark the achievements of our residents who have led extraordinary lives before residing with us. We understand that everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes, the most amazing stories come from a life well lived.

One such story is from Rivermere Care Home in Sevenoaks resident, Ray Porter, who joined the Army as a soldier in 1951 and was shipped to Christmas Island in 1958, where he spent 355 days living through nuclear test explosions, including the second H-bomb test and four smaller atom bomb tests.

Over 65 years later, Ray was awarded for his service in a ceremony hosted by Cllr James Lark and The Mayor of Tonbridge and Malling, where he was presented with the Nuclear Test Veteran’s Medal. Speaking of his experience, Ray said, “You must remember that in 1950s Britain, almost no one went abroad. But with the Army, I went to all sorts of places. I was part of the Forward Operating Squad and was in charge of the power station that generated the power for the Royal Air Force radar site.” Despite the dangers he faced, Ray looks back on his service days with nostalgia.

Rivermere Notable Accolades