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Local History in Sunderland
Company News, Highcliffe, Tyne & Wear

Life and How to Live It by Jennie Morton

In a world on fast forward what a delight it is to listen to someone who is genuinely qualified to comment on life and how to live it!

Jennie Morton, a resident of our Highcliffe Care Home in Sunderland shared on video her thoughts on how to live a good life and make no mistake, Jennie is well qualified to talk about life as she has a fair bit of it to draw upon. Being 104 years old, when Jennie shares her thoughts, you would be wise to listen. “Live a life worth living” is her mantra and how right she is. A real lesson to us all.

Jennie has a story to tell too. She is a local Sunderland lass and unusually these days, lived for the first 70 years of her life in the same house. She represents a slice of Sunderland maritime history too, her family owned the distinguished compass makers Morton Ltd of Sunderland who were the last makers of traditional compasses to boats built on Wearside.

Fiercely independent and equipped with the sharpest of minds, Jennie is a ray of light at Highcliffe and a valuable touchstone with a Wearside maritime industrial heritage that is quickly fading from view. Jennie, we salute you, and look forward to more of your recollections on local Sunderland history. Watch this space.