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Kath and Jim’s Enduring Journey

Kath and Jim have been married for 72 years. Kath says that Jim fell in love with her due to the way she rode a bicycle with just one leg over the crossbar. She shared that Jim had made a request to Kath’s Mum and Dad for a daughter. Precisely nine months after this request, Kath was born. It was destined to happen. 

They first crossed paths the day before Kath’s 15th birthday at the Stafford Street Methodist Church youth club in Walsall. A few years earlier, Jim had spotted Kath ballet dancing. Their initial date involved shopping for cricket equipment for the youth club, and their connection blossomed from there. 

Tim pursued a career in accountancy and took on a managerial role while Kath worked for the Inland Revenue in Warsaw. They also embarked on their own business venture, which they successfully operated for 30 years, eventually selling it just eight years ago at the age of 85. 

Kath and Jim have two daughters with whom they share a close bond. They attribute the secret of their enduring and joyful marriage to qualities such as patience, love, and understanding. 

However, as they grew older and needed a little more support, they decided to move into the Hawthorns together. This way, Jim could be by Kath’s side, and they could also forge new friendships. They didn’t want to feel alone if anything happened to one of them, and the best thing about being supported together is they’re still able to be together.