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Company News, Astbury Manor, Bracknell

Dim the Lights; it’s Movie Night

Resident Ted at Astbury Manor was looking for something to do during the evenings between supper and bedtime. Well-being Co-ordinator Jean Griffiths suggested that he might like to gather a few of his peers and go to watch a movie. Ted did this for a couple of days, accompanied by 8 to 12 residents, and the movie nights soon became an instant hit. Enjoying his new role, Ted soon organised the DVDs on the shelves and started to put them in sets of 6, Monday to Friday, with a children’s film on a Saturday afternoon. When Jean asked Ted about a Sunday movie, he replied, “I do need one day off a week, you know!” Ted also suggested popcorn and sweets for those who attend, letting Jean know when the stocks are running low.

When Jean asked Ted what he enjoys about being the resident cinema manager, he replied, “Well, for one, I have something to do after supper. It’s nice to help the other residents, and it helps me
wind down before bedtime. I feel fulfilled being involved in something again. Also, I like being a boss!” Feeling inspired, fellow residents have also expressed their interest in helping with other activities.

Resident Laurel was delighted to begin helping out Hairdresser Fiona in the salon, whilst resident Linda has taken on the role of Head Gardener.