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Bonne Fête Nationale!

La Fête Nationale, or the more commonly known Bastille Day, is celebrated on 14th July to mark the anniversary of the storming of Bastille – a military fortress and prison that helped usher in the French Revolution in 1789. While it is typically a holiday celebrated in France, several of our homes saw this as the perfect excuse to embrace ‘la culture Française’.

Staff members at Poets Mews Care Home got into the full spirit as they dressed as French mime artists, donning white and black striped t-shirts and, of course, an exaggerated handlebar moustache. Residents joined in with the fun as they were given white facemasks with painted on moustaches to wear. Also diving into French culture was Aran Court Care Home, which spent the day tasting traditional French foods. The residents drank red and white wine accompanied with a choice of fresh pain au chocolat or croissants with jam.

Resident Bastille Day Aran Court