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Dignity Action Day Banner Image
Company News, Clare Court, Birmingham

Avery Healthcare Celebrates Dignity Action Day

Avery’s care homes participated in Dignity Action Day on the 1st of February, led by the National Dignity Council. The campaign, a charity promoting dignity and respect in UK care services, inspired collective efforts at Avery. Derby Heights Care Home in Derby commenced the day with a heartwarming ‘Digni-Tea’ party, sparking meaningful conversations, fostering unity and understanding diverse perspectives, but also bridging gaps in beliefs and religions. Clare Court Care Home in Birmingham’s unique approach involved a ‘Digni-Tree’ encouraging reflections on the significance of dignity through leaf inscriptions. Meanwhile, at Spencer House Care Home in Northampton, staff and residents committed to the ten ‘Dignity Do’s,’ earning the proud title of Dignity Champions and exemplifying dedication to a flourishing culture of dignity and respect. These endeavours underscore the collective efforts of residents and staff across our homes in championing dignity as a fundamental aspect of compassionate care

Spencer House Dignity Action Day