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Scholars Mews

Scholars Mews Receives Overall ‘Good’ CQC Inspection Report

Scholars Mews recently received ‘Good’ in all five categories from our industry regulator, the Care Quality Commission, after an unannounced inspection in September.

This brilliant improvement is the result of a lot of hard work by all the team at Scholars Mews, following a luxury refurbishment and Grand Re-Opening Day in May. The much needed investment transformed our home to the standard befitting a central location in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Below are some of the highlights from the report:

The report states that residents, families and staff were comfortable and respectful in each other’s presence. People told the CQC inspectors that they were supported by a caring staff team and were complimentary about the staff and how they were supported. Comments included, “They are very good, hardworking” and “They can’t do enough for you”. People said staff were always available and when they did anything for them, it was to their satisfaction.

One family member said “[Member of care staff] is marvellous, she cares, takes time to talk and treats me like a human being”.

Another resident said when they asked for help, “They (staff) smile, put a hand on you and look you in the eye…. I like that.” Staff understood people’s individual needs for reassurance and knew how to maintain their sense of self and well-being.

The report continued, stating that residents were supported to maintain their dignity and were treated with respect. Everyone we saw wore clean clothes, and their nails were clean and manicured. We saw staff invited one person to attend a ‘pampering session’ with the hairdresser.

One relative told a CQC inspector their experiences of how the staff were caring. They said, “I am humbled by the level of care, it’s incredible…They make you (the person and the family) feel like you are the only one…it’s personal.” They said, “They know [name’s] birthday, they are asking us what we would like do…. they are ahead.” This relative told us they had recommended Scholars Mews to others because people and families were valued.

The registered manager and both regional managers told CQC the provider was committed to delivering a responsive service. All of the relatives said they were pleased with the service and the way staff responded to meet people’s needs.

Our CQC report also noted that residents were supported to maintain their interests and preferred pastimes. A relative told the CQC that they had brought in the CD that was playing in the lounge, because it was music from their relative’s era. We heard staff say ‘of course’ it was alright to play it. We saw the person was tapping their fingers in time to the music, which showed they appreciated it.

We’re very proud of all the lovely comments made about our home and staff. A big thank you goes to all the team for their hard work and for everyone’s continued support.

You can read the full report by clicking here.