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Acacia Lodge, Moston, Manchester

The Prince’s Trust comes to Acacia Lodge Care Home


Last week The Prince’s Trust came to Acacia Lodge Care Home and shared a lovely afternoon tea with our residents; they enjoyed listening to some reminiscent stories our residents told and being welcomed into our caring community as part of their programme.

The Prince’s Trust team programme is a unique development opportunity that enables sixteen to twenty-five year olds to increase their confidence, motivation and life skills through team work in the community. As part of this programme they take part in team building activities, complete a community project, participate in a two week placement, run fundraising activities for charity work, run sessions for different groups and organise a final presentation event.

One of the students who joined us said that he really enjoyed getting to know our lovely residents and what it was like to live in their generation, he also enjoyed our residents telling him how they used to have a milk cart that they had to push round…How times have changed!

Another student said that she really enjoyed chatting to our residents and learning all about ration cards and what they were used for, she said that our residents were such lovely people and made her feel very welcome. She also said that she would love to work in a loving and caring environment like ours.