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A Very Touching Letter For Adelaide Care Home

…I think that the letter speaks for itself. I am sending [this letter] to you as I feel that the exceptional care delivered at Adelaide should be recognised and Sheilla and her team congratulated.

The support we receive from residents, families and friends is incredible. Your kind words mean so much to everyone in our team. Person-centred care is our passion and delivering that to our lovely residents is key. When we receive letters like the below we are extremely grateful and it encourages us all to continue to strive towards excellence and keep going. See for yourself this very touching letter we received at Adelaide Care Home:

Dear Shiella,

RE: Thank you for caring for Mum

This letter feels a very inadequate way of saying thank you to all your staff for the way they cared for Mum. She moved to Adelaide in December 2015 after an 11-week stay in hospital. Her care needs were so complex that we were not confident that we would be able to find anywhere that was able to provide the level of care and supervision she needed as she was determined to try to walk but was at risk of collapse and falling. Combined with her mild confusion and other issues it felt like an impossible task.

We were so fortunate that a room was available in the general nursing unit at Adelaide. I cannot overstate the quality of care and attention that she received. It is due to the close attention of your staff that she thrived in your care for over 2 years, when her prognosis had been much shorter. As important is the manner in which that care was delivered. The staff are, without exception, cheerful, respectful, very tender and loving in the way they deliver the care. Having spent a great deal of time at Adelaide I have witnessed them treat all residents in the same manner regardless of the challenges some may present on occasions.

In the final 8 days of Mum’s life, while she was receiving palliative care, the same care, loving and supportive approach was extended to my sister and I. We were made welcome to stay as long as we wished and all practical and emotional support was provided. It was clear that the staff were all deeply moved by Mum’s passing, even though this must be a commonplace part of their job. We felt very much that we were treated as individuals and not just a part of the process. How fortunate we were to be able to spend Mum’s final days with her, in her room, surrounded by the love and care of the Adelaide team.

We were also touched that Adelaide sent flowers for her funeral, and that Rob and Alina took the time to attend.

I hope that this letter will be made available for all of the staff to see so that they know how much we appreciate everything they did for our family. I will send a copy of this letter to Avery Head Office, the CQC and Bexley Care Commissioning team as I feel that, in an era when we hear so much about poor care for the elderly, it is important that exceptional care is recognised. I will also place a review on

How lucky we were that you had a room available when we needed it. Thank you once again to you and your team for making the last 2 years of Mum’s life so comfortable for her and so worry-free for her family.

With my very best wishes,

Christine H. Brentwood.

Thank you for sharing such kind and meaningful words Christine.