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Company News, Westbourne Tower, Westbourne

We Live a Very Sociable Life Here

Tony and Susan Dearlove have spent a wonderful 70 years together, side by side. The lifetime companions first met in a local pub near Richmond, London, in the 1950s, and it was love at first sight! They married in Middlesex in 1964 and will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary next year.  

Family has always been very important to them, and they have grown a big and supportive family of two daughters, Anne and Carol and a son, Paul, who have given Tony and Susan six grandchildren between them.  

The couple have shared many fantastic experiences throughout the years, visiting various interesting places, but their favourite thing to do is to spend time with each other. They are an amiable duo with a large friendship circle that has expanded since joining Westbourne Tower Care Home. “We live a very sociable life here. There is always so much to do and get involved in. Everyone makes you feel so welcome.” 

Their care journey began when they both became suddenly ill, resulting in a lengthy hospital stay, exacerbated by their different care requirements. They couldn’t bear to be away from each other any longer, so Tony began searching for a better solution where they could receive support with their different care needs whilst continuing to be together. After a guided tour of the community and facilities, they knew this was the right place for them and made the move together.