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War Stories with Major Paul

To be a member of the Avery family is to honour and uplift the remarkable deeds of our heroes, not just within our homes but also beyond. In the month of August, Ashurst Mews Care Home in Northampton was graced with the presence of a local hero, Major Paul, who left an indelible mark on the hearts of the community.

Major Paul a valiant soldier of the British Army regaled the Ashurst Mews residents with his tales of bravery and shared his precious medals and photographs with those who had also served in the military.

One resident, Beryl Wallace, was delighted to showcase her father’s and grandfather’s medals, which were a testament to the heroism that spanned across generations, dating back to almost a century ago. Beryl commented, “These medals and pictures have been in my family since I was three years old. We got lots of different things sent to us from my father’s time in Egypt. I will always keep them safe, but it’s been so lovely to show everyone things from my past. I’ve had a lovely day being able to talk to everyone about them, thank you Georgina for organising it.”

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