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‘Waddle’ we do without National Penguin Awareness Day?

Penguins are fascinating birds, unique in many ways. There are currently 18 different known penguin species, with some having been around for over 65 million years. However, most people don’t realise that penguin numbers around the world are dwindling. Every year, the penguin population shrinks at an alarming rate. So, National Penguin Awareness Day celebrated on 20th January, is an excellent opportunity for our staff and residents to learn more about penguins and understand their plight.

Astbury Manor Penguins

Two homes eager to dive into National Penguin Awareness Day were Astbury Manor and Abbey Court. The ladies from Astbury Manor celebrated the day by making some flippin cool penguin decorations in their arts and crafts session. Abbey Court treated its residents by P..P..P… Picking up fancy coffees for them to try, accompanied by the emperor of sweet treats, the Penguin chocolate biscuit!