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The Proof is in the Pudding

Believe it or not, Christmas cake actually started life as a plum porridge to line people’s stomachs after a day of religious fasting. Soon, other fruits and a dash of honey joined the plums and became the good old Christmas pudding.

These days, most Christmas cakes are made in advance, with festive bakers ‘feeding’ their cake with brandy, sherry, or whisky until the big day. This has been the case for two of our homes, who have been getting into the festive spirit, with the help of their residents, making their very own Christmas cakes.

Residents at Acacia Lodge had a lovely afternoon filled with fun and reminiscence as they weighed out and stirred the ingredients.

With only 79 sleeps to go, residents at Milton Court shared their traditional family recipe and ingredient ideas with the homes chef, Adam, making a start on the festive cakes. Over the next few weeks, more alcohol will be added to ensure the cakes mature nicely, ready to be eaten over the festive period.