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That Was That. We’ve Loved Each Other Ever Since

When starting their careers over a century ago, Duncan and Celia would never have thought this pathway would lead them to find their soulmates until they met at a college in South Africa—a true love at first sight story. At the time, Duncan was a Minister when he asked Celia, a trainee teacher, to join him for a movie date.  

With his charm, which still shines through today, Duncan tried his best to be a gentleman for his favourite lady until, as he claims, she tried to make the first move, which she still denies to this day! They quoted, “That was that. We’ve loved each other ever since.”  

The happy couple tied the knot 53 years ago in 1970 and have grown a beautiful family. Proud parents to son Colin, daughter Robyn and two beautiful grandchildren, whom they adore and enjoy spending time with when they visit Amarna House. When asked about the secret to a happy and long marriage, Duncan responded, “Once you are a parent, you bind together, trust each other and be kind. When you take marriage vows, you must stick to them. Well, I tried my best to anyways!” 

Following a lengthy stay in the hospital, Celia’s care journey began, as she moved into Amarna House for extra support. Shortly after, Duncan followed, due to the time away from his life partner, resulting in terrible loneliness and a void in his life. They have chosen separate bedrooms in the same unit, and they can continue their life together by spending every day with each other, eating meals, enjoying a glass of wine and supporting one another’s health and well-being.  

Throughout their lives, they have been very well-travelled, visiting countries across the globe, supporting townships, and helping those in need with essential supplies and education. They also share a passion for art, which they take great pleasure in expressing at Amarna House by participating in painting classes and continuing to make masterpieces together. 

Duncan and Celia’s love story is a testament to the power of true love and the importance of cherishing every moment with the ones we love.