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Spotlight on a resident Tina Nash Acer Court Care Home Memory Walk Photo Alzheimers Society Dementia Care banner hero
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Spotlight on a Resident – Tina Nash

Tina Nash joined Acer Court Care Home in Nottingham in September 2017 and is full of praise for the home. “I’d been in three homes and this is the best one,” she said. “I love the management because they work so hard for us and the staff are so caring. It’s the best care home in all the world”. When she moved into Acer Court, Tina had limited mobility, but after great support from the home, she decided to set herself a real challenge and complete a 2km Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk and raise money for this really worthy cause.

Tina has always been a naturally caring, friendly person. Brought up in Greenford, Tina attended Costens Girls Senior High School. Tina never married, and described herself as an unclaimed treasure. A very important moment of Tina’s life was when she became a Salvation Army Officer in 1969. Part of her role saw her travelling across the UK, which is where she met many of her friends. During her 50 years as a Salvation Army Officer, Tina would visit, give talks, look after people and hold meetings during her travels.

Spotlight on a resident Tina Nash Acer Court Care Home Memory Walk Photo Alzheimers Society Dementia Care

Preparing for the walk was a big challenge both mentally and physically for Tina, who had previously been diagnosed with depression and had limited mobility. However, she wasn’t doing the walk just for herself but wanted to complete it in memory of her best friend Mary and to her other friends living with dementia. With this in mind, Tina recruited the help of our Well-being and Activity Co-ordinator Yan Jurkiewicz.

Together they trained hard for the event over the course of three months, walking 1½ miles at every training session. “By the time I got back after the practice, I used to be very tired”, said Tina. However, with Yan’s encouragement, she continued to improve her fitness until it was the day of the walk.

“It was quite an experience!” Tina said about the walk. “It was a beautiful day though”. By the time the day was over, Tina had walked not 2km but over 6km, and raised over £380. She also had a flood of support on Acer Court’s Facebook page after the home had posted photos of the event. Tina is already looking forwards to taking part in a Memory Walk again next year!

Here are some of the photos from Tina’s memory walk:

Article by Helen Bates, Marketing Executive, for Welcome Home Issue 8.