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Sherrie and resident at Silvermere afternoon tea banner hero
Company News, Silvermere, Cobham, Surrey

Sherrie surprises Silvermere residents!

We recently held a VIP Champagne Afternoon Tea where we welcomed Avery Ambassador, Stage and TV star Sherrie Hewson into our home. This was Sherrie’s first official visit to Silvermere Care Home in Cobham.

In true Silvermere style, we welcomed her with a Champagne Afternoon Tea themed party with Franz Hepburn on vocals singing us through the afternoon.  Sherrie took time to meet and greet all of our residents and take photos with them. Many of our residents remembered her from Coronation Street, but a number also remembered her from Benidorm.

Sherrie filled the home with energy and excitement and shared stories with residents, many of whom wanted to hear things from her such as how she found working with the cast of the Carry On films. She described them as some of the most talented actors she had ever worked with and felt their talents were not truly recognised until they had passed.

Our resident Gillian Dallaway (an avid fan of Coronation Street to this day) told Sherrie a wonderful story on how they had previously met in the late ’90s when Gillian and her late husband made a visit to the ITV studios and had the opportunity to meet some of the cast of the hit show. Sherrie was in that day and was friendly and chatty to all the visiting public as she made her way around the room. Gillian recalled how her late husband had told Sherrie how much of a fan of her work they were and how he had always found her to be an attractive lady, upon hearing this Sherrie cheekily sat on Gillian’s husband’s lap! She made his day and he fondly repeated the story over the years.

Staff also told Sherrie about Gillian’s amazing achievement that week, when she had managed to stand from her wheelchair and walk the length of the corridor, with assistance from our physiotherapist, for the first time in over seven months. Sherrie was very emotional and very proud of Gillian.


We all had a wonderful sunny afternoon and Silvermere presented Sherrie with a bouquet of flowers for her hard work for Avery and to thank her for making the long journey down to spend the day with us.

It was a brilliant day, and we would love to invite Sherrie back in the future. To find out more about Silvermere Care Home, like us on Facebook, or give us a call on 01932 576650.