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Company News, Miramar, Herne Bay, Kent

Miramar Residents Benefit from 1-to-1 Dementia Sessions

During on/off lock-down periods, residents living with dementia at Avery’s Miramar Care Home in Herne Bay, Kent were supported by staff at the home to join a series of online interactive ‘Zest’ sessions with professionals from Bright Shadow.

Bright Shadow, an organisation that was established in 2009 uses creative arts and activities to support people with dementia in care homes and in the community to continue to live well.

Each of the six workshops followed a different theme, including Paris, Garden Time, America, London, India, and the 60s, and were enhanced with props and decorations for residents to use that were provided in advance.

Monica, the Well-being and Activities Co-ordinator at Miramar commented, “Each session combined a mixture of recognising landmarks, cultures, history, food, smells, collective story-telling, dancing, exercising, and singing. The workshops were thoroughly enjoyed by staff and residents alike.”

Avery is now proudly sponsoring the organisation’s Crowd Funder to raise money to offer more people with dementia the opportunity to access similar sessions on a 1:1 basis with experienced artists to help improve well-being and combat the loneliness and isolation that many people with dementia can experience.

For more information, please visit the Bright Shadow website at brightshadow.org.uk.