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Ladies Have A Close Shave With Charity!

Avery’s Northern Regional Manager, Maria Booth, is looking to make a clean break from her old hairstyle by having her head completely shaved on the 23rd of May. The bald facts of the matter are that she is raising money for the Care Workers’ Charity, along with close friend Janet Burgin, who is also having her head shaved to raise money for the Gardiner Hill Foundation. Maria knew that she’d have to put some skin in the game to fundraise, and so far the ladies have raised nearly £4,000 between them.

“After two months of lockdown the badger stripes are starting to take over.” said Maria, “So we thought we’d just start again and go natural. We won’t be just having a number 1 either – this is the full razor shave for a proper smooth finish”.

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Should hair salons still not be open then both ladies will enlist the help of their respective partners at home to undertake the hair-raising task. Maria added, “I’m pleased to be doing some good through this as well by fundraising for the Care Workers’ Charity, which is a fantastic and worthy cause that is even more vital now to care workers on the frontline.”

You can donate to Maria and Janet’s causes on their donation page here, and also listen to their interview on BBC Radio Humberside here. Best wishes from us all ladies – you’re a real pair of fund-razors!