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Love Continues to Blossom

They first met at a Christmas party in 1959, marking their first date. They instantly hit it off and the next day decided to meet at a café to get to know each other better. Ronald had started a business with less than £100 and was travelling the length and breadth of Great Britain. After 12 years of running a business, Ronald said, “I need an anchor in my travels,” and then he met Anita.  

Ronald and Anita have cherished many terrific experiences; they married in Las Vegas in 1972, stayed in the finest bridal suite to celebrate, and spent over 50 years living inside Regents Park, York Gate. The pair have raised and cherished a wonderful son and credit their long, happy marriage to commitment and mutual interests.  

Their care journey began following Anita’s diagnosis of dementia; it was worrying for them to face the realisation that Anita required additional care, and that they could no longer manage at home. They sought a solution that could cater to their differing needs and allow them to stay together. Anita moved into Hampstead Court Care Home in December 2022, followed by Ronald in January 2023. Being together in a care facility means Anita can receive the care she needs and give Ronald peace of mind and comfort, knowing she is in the best hands.   

Moving into a care home can be difficult, especially when faced with the prospect of leaving a loved one behind. A heartwarming story such as Ronald and Anita’s proves that love can continue to blossom no matter the circumstances.