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Company News, Cliveden Manor

Help Sid to Share His Musical Passion.

At Cliveden Manor, the sound of old records echoes through the halls, bringing joy and nostalgia to the residents. Sid Thatcher, who has resided in the community since November last year, is at the heart of this musical journey. He has a treasure trove of old records that he wants to share with others. During a recent meeting, Sid expressed his desire to spread the magic of his vintage music collection with his fellow residents. Gabriela Smith, the General Manager of Cliveden Manor, recognised Sid’s passion and promptly acquired a record player, allowing Sid to turn his love for music into an engaging activity for everyone.

However, a missing piece in Sid’s collection is a songbook published by the Daily Mail in 1920-1925 that holds sentimental value beyond measure. Sid fondly remembers the days when he owned a copy of this book, but he had lent it to a lady who failed to return it. Determined to reclaim his missing item, Sid wrote a heartfelt letter to the Daily Mail, sharing his story and asking for assistance locating a copy.

Despite his efforts, Sid’s quest remains unfulfilled, and he awaits a response from the Daily Mail. But he remains steadfast in his mission to enrich his fellow residents’ lives through the power of music. His music club for residents is a celebration of shared memories and a testament to the enduring spirit of community.

Today, we stand with Sid, extending our arms to the local community and beyond in a collective effort to locate the missing songbook released in 1920-1925 from the Daily Mail. We urge you to come forward with any leads to assist Sid in his search. Together, let us help Sid continue his musical legacy and spread the gift of music. If you have any information, please get in touch with Cliveden Manor at 01628 617015