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Health and Social Care Futures Fund: Avery Partners with Qube and The Princes Trust

Avery Healthcare is delighted to have been asked to partner with Qube Learning and The Princes Trust to participate in the Health and Social Care Futures scheme funded by the Government’s Health and Social Care Department. The Health and Social Care Futures Fund helps ensure sector employers are provided with the support needed to fill their vacancies.

The Princes Trust helps 11-30-year-olds build their confidence and skills to support them in jobs, education, and training.

The Health and Social Care Futures Fund offers a variety of interventions for young people as part of the recruitment programme, ranging from interview preparation and short courses to helping to build knowledge and skills in a range of health and social care roles.

Through this partnership, many Avery care homes can offer the opportunity for individuals up to age 31 years to join this scheme, with support from a dedicated tutor throughout the application process.

Successful individuals will be helping to support the team in delivering care to Avery residents in a safe, caring, supportive and inclusive environment for both residents and staff. The Health and Social Care Futures Fund is an exciting development, and we look forward to welcoming and supporting young people into their new roles as they begin their careers in health and social care.