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Growing and Sharing Together

Brian and Barbel married on Brian’s 70th birthday, 17 years ago and live together at Southbourne Beach Care Home. Their story began after meeting at church; shortly after, they went on a first date at a fish restaurant located in Poole. Over the years together, they have shared their love for travel, taking them to sublime destinations across Europe. Brian has worked as a Revered and is now a Catholic Priest. Meanwhile, Barbel enjoyed her career as a language teacher. They have no children together but have built a wonderful, blended family. Brian has one son, and Barbel has three sons and seven grandchildren.

They believe the key to a healthy, happy relationship is sharing interests, hobbies, fun, laughter, and their shared Catholic faith. Their care journey began together; they made the decision to move into a companion suite at Southbourne Beach. They were delighted to move in together, knowing that despite having different care requirements, they could continue their lives together. Despite initial hesitations, both admitted their worries dissipated, knowing they could continue living together. It was a welcome change for them to share their health concerns for each other with a talented team of carers, taking comfort in knowing they could take back some of the independence they had lost.

A story such as Brian and Barbel’s proves that growing older doesn’t always mean life as a married couple has to change; many can continue to live out their later years together with the support and help they require.