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Getting Our Residents Out & About Again

During the pandemic, Avery has worked hard to keep its residents in contact with their families via Skype and social media, then garden visits, and now inside visits. As the restrictions have eased they are now taking the residents out on trips in their minibuses again, and in all of these steps, they have strictly adhered to national social distancing and PPE guidance to ensure that they keep everyone safe and well. The next exciting stage will be to enable families to come to the Avery care homes and take their loved ones out for a trip or to visit relatives.

Such trips out, visiting, seeing families, all have a positive effect on resident well-being, and this has been missed during the time of the lockdown. Avery has managed to deliver family contact as soon as government guidance has allowed, by planning in advance and training its staff in how to manage visiting and outings safely. There are detailed protocols in place for all forms of visiting and trips out, for the resident, the staff members and any family members involved. It’s a great boost for resident independence to get out and about again, safe in the knowledge that they are being well looked after.  

Comprehensive guidelines and training enable the Avery staff to cover every aspect of a visit or trip, before, during and afterwards, with the PPE, temperature checks and hygiene regimes to be deployed, as well as additional precautions such as seating spacing in the minibuses. Everyone’s safety is paramount.

Residents will be assessed against a health checklist before and on the day of any pre-planned and agreed outing or external visit, and on return to the care home will be supported by the staff in hygiene precautions such as hand washing, changing clothing and cleaning any mobility equipment.

Family members taking a resident out will also be required to undertake a health assessment as well as provide a description of any trip, to ensure that it is safe for the excursion or visit to go ahead. It will be their responsibility to ensure social distancing, and that PPE is used and hygiene requirements maintained. Travel by public transport will not be encouraged, nor contact with others outside the family bubble. It all may seem steeped in rules and procedure, but the well-being of all concerned, and especially the elderly resident, has to take priority. It is the only way to get everyone back together again, safely.

Full details of the requirements around external visits can be obtained from your Avery care home.