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Company News, Beaconsfield Heights, Beaconsfield

Exceptional Care That Gives Peace of Mind

Following her father’s promotion to Technical Advisor at Marks & Spencer, Josephine’s family moved from Newcastle-on-Tyne to Harrow in 1960. The family would regularly visit the Young Conservatives Club to find their place in their new community. It was here where Josephine met Robin, and the rest is history.

With no time wasted, they married shortly after on 23rd July 1960, at St. Edwards Church, Wembley, on a hot summer’s day by family member Father Alfred Dodds.

After 63 years happily married, the couple are proud parents to three children, Catherine, Jonathan, and Jeremey and grandparents to five gorgeous grandchildren who love visiting them at Beaconsfield Heights. They believe the key to a healthy relationship is, “Love and tolerance – never having big rows, just the occasional disagreement.”

Their care journey began with Josephine’s diagnosis of dementia. Although Robin cared for and supported her, it was proving too difficult for him to do it on his own, and he understood extra support was needed for them both. Josephine moved into Beaconsfield Heights, receiving the exceptional care she required and giving the family peace of mind. Robin visited her every day, spending all his time at the home, until he decided to make the move himself after missing Josephine’s company.

At first, Robin admitted he was concerned about living in care together and sharing his home with others. However, reassurance from the care team and the exposure he had to the community atmosphere from his visits made him realise that home provided sufficient space for them to continue life together and share precious memories. The pair still spend every day together as well as enjoying some time apart at clubs and social events with the other ladies and gents at the home.