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Cheers To You, Dad!

Across Avery, we are fortunate to have so many fantastic dads and fatherly figures residing in our homes. And on Father’s Day this year, it was great to see many of them able to celebrate safely with their families and friends. The lucky gentlemen at Horse Fair Care Home marked the day with a beer or two, alongside opening some lovely gifts and cards they received from their loved ones. Photos of the happy chaps were shared to Facebook, with daughter Pam commenting, “So lovely to see you looking your happy self.”

The dads at Hempstalls Hall Care Home took the opportunity to sit down and share their experiences of being a father and who their father figures are. Of course, this chat was accompanied by a little drink and a collective ‘cheers’ to one another. Residents at Rivermere Care Home spent some time reminiscing about their fathers and what they used to do for a living. Staff at the home prepared sheets of paper to write down the occupations for keepsake, which ranged from tailors, bank clerks and even fighter pilots in the war; they recalled how wonderful it was to sit and listen to the residents reminiscing about their families.