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Changes to Apprenticeships

2018 has seen many changes to the way apprenticeships are delivered into the Health and Social care sector and these changes include the election of a Care Apprenticeship Board to ensure the validity of these qualifications.

New Apprenticeship Standards

Under recent Government reforms, new apprenticeship standards have begun to replace the old Frameworks. Once the new Standards are in place, the outdated Framework will be phased out. It is expected that the full switchover will be complete by 2020, although this date is subject to change.

Each programme will now have its own new apprenticeship standard linked to a specific occupational level. The new Trailblazer Apprenticeships which are defined by these new standards are rigorous, challenging and require the apprentice to undertake a minimum of one year’s training. The new standards are characterised by the introduction of a new formal End-Point Assessment.

Trailblazer Groups

The significant difference with the new Apprenticeships is that they have been written by a group of sector specialists, who are known as Trailblazers. I have been privileged to be involved in the Trailblazer Group that wrote the Adult & Lead Adult Care Worker for our sector. I have also recently joined the Trailblazing Team responsible for the New Nursing Associate and the Registered General Nurse Apprenticeships, which as a company gives us a good insight into future changes. The Nursing and Midwifery Council are very heavily involved with this group and I will keep you all posted on its future development.

Care Apprenticeship Board

The Care Apprenticeship Board has been set up to ensure that all training providers involved in the Apprenticeship End Point Assessment achieve the highest standards and are fair to students. It also ensures that the quality assurance on the assessments are robust, valid and sufficient. I am pleased to have also been elected as an Operational Member of this Board. Avery has over 250 staff enrolled on the apprenticeships, which is amazing, and we are looking forward to seeing them all achieve these newly recognised qualifications.

Any member of staff that would like to sign up for an apprenticeship, from Level 2 right up to 5, which is connected to their current role, should contact their Regional Training Officer for support.

Article by Shelley Parker-Wain, Head of Training and Development, for Welcome Home Issue 8.

If you would like to know more about our apprenticeships at Avery Healthcare, please contact the Home Manager at your local Avery care home.